Georgia tightens the testing net

Georgia is tightening the coronavirus testing net, looking to join international top tier in key metric.

In a recent piece, I looked at how the Covid-19 outbreak in Georgia has left the trajectory of exponential growth and might have already surpassed its peak. These considerations are all based on the publicly available figures of confirmed cases. What I did not discuss much, however, is the reliability of those figures.

It has been suspected for a while that the number of actual coronavirus infections in most countries is significantly higher than the number of confirmed cases. Studies from the US, Germany and Brasil point to the conclusion that these countries likely had on the order of 10 times as many infections as were officially reported.

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Georgia past the peak – what now?

After weeks of talk about reaching the „peak“ of the Covid-19 epidemic, Georgia has started to relax restrictions on public life. Has the country conquered the epidemic? What can be expected from the months to come?

Easter celebrations have passed without a spike in new cases, and last week‘s lifting of the car travel ban was the government‘s first step in their 3-months plan of returning to normalcy. However, a certain fatigue with lockdown measures is palpable, and recent farmer‘s protests show the economic costs of the emergency measures are increasingly hard to bear for many Georgians.

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